Knights of the Nine flips open visor

Screens provide first look at forthcoming expansion for Oblivion

In November, Oblivion fanatics will be able to get their great, dirty hands on Knights of the Nine, a new update for the RPG epic on PC and Xbox 360. Bethesda's dipped into its media vault and presented us with first screenshots from the expansion.

KotN beefs up Oblivion with a brand new faction which players can join and found their very own order of holy knights. Bethesda's recently revealed that we'll be able to lead an order "into battle against a sorcerer-king and his demonic minions while exploring massive dungeons and searching for legendary relics - the holy armor and weapons of the Divine Crusader."


In addition, the new content features new quests for noble characters and "answers many of the questions surrounding the Ayleid ruins found throughout Oblivion", the developer's explained.

Knights of the Nine will be available via Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 and for PC on November 21. A Windows boxed retail product is also to be released around the same time that contains KotN along with all downloadable content previously released for Oblivion.