Slice of GoldenEye remade on 360

Classic N64 GoldenEye deathmatch map Facility is being remade for Perfect Dark Zero

There's much nostalgia in the office this morning, as we contemplate the return of possibly the greatest lavatory-based deathmatch arena ever; GoldenEye 007's Facility.

The map, along with the already-released Map Pack download and another N64 remake, Perfect Dark's 'Ruin' will ship with the Perfect Dark Zero Platinum Edition next month, to celebrate the shooter shifting over one million copies.

But the extra-good news is you don't have to shell out for another copy of Rare's launch game to get the nostalgic N64 maps, as Microsoft says that they'll be released for download in November as part of "Map Pack Two" for absolutely free (yes - free!).

Additionally, there's also an update planned to sort out the "cover move" exploit, which previously allowed naughty deathmatchers to hide inside the scenery.

We're off to fire up our GoldenEye soundtrack, and dream of more innocent times...