X3 getting revamped release

Updated version of the PC space-combat/trading game to feature new content and enhancements

Epic space-based game X3: Reunion is being re-released next month (in North America; it'll be early December for the UK) in updated form, the new edition going by the name of X3: Reunion 2.0.

Version 2.0 features new content along with gameplay revisions and engine enhancements. Starforce copy protection is additionally being ditched, and the title is now being squeezed onto one DVD - apparently these two changes are "addressing the issues that matter most to gamers", according to Paul Lombardi, CEO of Enlight which will publish the revised game.

Here's a complete list of new features in X3: Reunion 2.0:

  • DVD format
  • No Starforce copy protection
  • The Bala Gi EXPANSION - a campaign to unlock a unique new spacecraft and get hold of the biggest construction set in the X universe so far: The headquarters station
  • The exclusive (and unique) M6 class battleship once owned by the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia himself - this ship is lean and mean and can host two M5 ships
  • Bala Gi Research Inc. have developed a new M3+ class of ships - during the game you can distribute the blueprints for this new masterpiece in ship construction to the various shipyards
  • Exotic space ships
  • Revised battle tactics
  • Exciting missions for all difficulty levels
  • The award winning X3 engine has been further enhanced creating an absolutely stunning universe