Piggyback Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Game Guide

Spanked 4-0 again and want to improve your shameful PES play?

Pro Evo Soccer, undoubtedly our favourite footy game of all time (sorry FIFA lovers), but with each year's incarnation and especially with its move to next generation on Xbox 360, we're constantly forced to raise our own Pro Evo game for the office championships and of course, all the bragging rights that go with them.

So this season sees a welcome return from the Pro Evo 6 Piggyback Official guide to Seabass's annual magnum opus, which not only covers our favourite PS2 version of the game, but also gives you the comprehensive shakedown on both PC and most importantly, 360 versions of the game.


The usual high quality game guide is in full evidence right from the very first page, but rather than simply re-hash last year's version with a few next-gen add-ons, Piggyback have taken a very different approach this time around.

For starters, there's a brand new DVD to accompany the printed text, with in-game clips illustrating each move and tip, so you can see exactly how it's performed. These are nicely synched next to both PS2 and 360 gamepads, with the appropriate button presses highlighted so you get a graphic illustration of both the move and its timing. It might seem a logical step but it's makes a big difference in learning some of the expert and advanced moves and as legend has it, a picture (or in this case a short video) is worth a thousand words. Essentially it's like getting a personal Pro Evo coaching session from Big Phil Scholari himself with complete ProZone analysis.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert player, you'll certainly find a great deal to polish your game in the Coaching Section of the guide. Each component of PES is analysed from its basic through to expert moves and there's special sections and detailed analysis on every part of the game, from goalkeeping to penalties and even throw-ins. More significantly for Pro Evo addicts, the Secret Moves and Tricks section is unmissable, not only adding an extra dimension to your game, but allowing you to develop all the Fancy Dan twirls and flourishes with which to truly humiliate lesser informed opponents.

Moving on from the actual playing part of PES, you'll also find detailed sections on how to improve your Master League performance, for those of you who love single-player PES, with a wealth of info and even spoilers which will allow you to spot, nurture or just buy in the most outstanding talent. There's a full dissection on the game's important strategies (are you a 4-4-2, 4-5-1 or controversially a 3-5-2 man) with recommendations and tips and strategies for playing as or against all of PES's leading teams.


Basically if you love Pro Evo and want to know how to get the most out of your favourite soccer title, then the Piggyback Guide is an essential companion. Comprehensive, thorough, detailed and bursting with insight and insider info (a lot of it from the legendary Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka, as well as Europe's leading PES players), we recommend a copy should accompany any game. For PES anoraks it simply doesn't get any better than this.

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The verdict

Comprehensive, detailed and essential with a new DVD which substantially improves your ability to play PES

  • Quality from start to finish
  • New DVD makes it easier to learn and time moves
  • Insider secrets and special moves from the dev team
  • Your PES playing friends will hate you, otherwise none to report
Xbox 360
Piggyback Interactive