New Assassin's Creed details and screens

Altair to be a 'Robin Hood' style character?

Thanks to our colleagues at we have managed to get our hands on some more screens and info on Ubisoft's much-desired Assassin's Creed.

As part of keeping the game grounded in history, the gameplay will remain realistic meaning that success in a sword fight will depend on good observation and timing rather than mastering combos. As Altair's acrobatics are modelled on those of a real-life, highly-trained athlete, don't expect him to be able to sustain regular knocks to the head without suffering the consequences.


More information has been revealed about the side-missions that Altair can choose to take on, which mostly revolve around helping the populace to get them on side. One mission revolves around the distinctly Robin Hood-flavoured notion of stealing money back from the corrupt to return it to the poor. The more allies you gain, the more help you'll receive in your future fleeing from the scenes of your crimes.

We're all very excited about this one, so to satisfy you for the time being, take a look at these new images acquired by our friends over at Gamefront.