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Win! Pro Evo Soccer 6 Piggyback Game Guide

Getting beaten down at PES6? This is your solution!

We all love Pro Evo, but some of us just aren't up to scratch (not us, mind). But if your PES skills are sub-standard, or they could do with a comprehensive buff, then we can provide you with a solution: Piggyback have given us 5 copies of their new Pro Evolution Soccer Game Guide to aid and abet your footy training regime.

Rather than just clicking 'copy' and 'paste' on last year's guide, Piggyback have taken a different approach by bundling the book with a DVD of in-game clips illustrating each move and tip so you can see exactly how it's performed. With the image synched next to both PS2 and 360 gamepads, you get a graphic illustration of both the move and its timing - essential if you want to 'evolve' (sorry) your Pro Evolution skills.


To get your mitts on a copy of the guide (which has insider info from the legendary Shingo Takatsuka himself), we want you to answer this question and you could also check out our review of the game guide to get the full goods.