Konami aims to kick PES probs into touch

Your Pro Evo 6 online experience not all it's cracked up to be? Konami moves swiftly to address the XBL issues

Pro Evo aficionados have hailed its next-gen debut on the Xbox 360, but there appears to be still room for improvement in Seabass's latest footy outing, especially in the online arena where Live users have been reporting a below par online play, with especial difficulty being reported in ranked matches.

But hats off to Konami who has acted swiftly to appease their collective displeasure with a freshly released statement to calm the pre-match nerves of the faithful. Posting on the always excellent it stated; "Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH in Europe is aware of problems with the online elements of its Pro Evolution Soccer 6 titles. Konami apologise for any problems that some people might experiencing at times, and can reassure fans of the series that we are currently investigating the situation in order to present solutions as quickly as possible."

Such a swift mea culpa from any company is always welcome and it's nice to see Konami reacting so rapidly to the PES fans' concerns. Still, our good friend, CVG alumnus and Xbox Community guru AceyBongos has invited Pro Evo 6 players with issues to post their gripes here , so if you feel the need to let rip or let Konami know your PES 6 woes , now you can.

Before you can share a half-time virtual orange with us and post any problems you have experienced PES 6 online in our comments box below...