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Medieval II: Joust in these new shots

Fresh selection of the armoured warrior's finest pre-release screens

Well, the CVG master hourglass is ticking slowly down and it's nearly time for us to brave the daily bout of carnage - or as you know it better, the London Underground - as we head for home. But we've just time to leave you with a fresh splurge of shots from Creative Assembly's finest which debuts on Nov 10.

The usual sumptuous mix of battlefield carnage and thoughtful Risk-style strategy screens, these latest pix have us salivating like a hungry mongrel dog nosing a downed kebab - and we simply, positively, can't wait to start mixing it all over again and resurrect our career as a medieval warlord.

Look there's Aztecs too! With just four days to go now until Medieval II debuts and as always, we predict it will be hotter than a medieval knight's armoured undershorts after a sally against the infidel.