Championship Manager 2007 console-bound

Entirely new iteration of latest CM title shouting from the dugout on Xbox 360, PS2 and PSP

In Q1 2007, Xbox 360, PS2 and PSP will be slipping into sheepskin coats for the arrival of Championship Manager 2007.

Developed by Gusto Games, the 2007 console outing is said to be an entirely new iteration of the football management sim. Spilling details, CM publisher Eidos told us, "Key changes include the ability for managers to design their own set piece drills on the tactics pitch, test them on the training ground and then utilise them in a match.

"They can also interact with their team by providing stirring words to motivate them before and during matches, and with the advanced media system, how the player reacts towards the press, players and other managers, can mean the difference between them becoming a media darling or on the end of the next hate campaign".

Xbox 360 version

On top of that, both Xbox 360 and PSP versions feature multiplayer modes - Xbox Live Online Battle Mode, and head-to-head Battle Mode via a wireless connection for PSP - with the former platform version additionally benefiting from the likes of downloadable season data.

Plus, expect numerous Challenge Modes at both international and club level to accompany the traditional 20-season play mode, a new transfer system "allowing intricate player negotiations", we're informed, a dynamic news and media system, comprehensive player and club data, a refined match AI system and the introduction of two new English leagues, Conference North and South.