XBox 360 Power Cooling System Vertical Stand

Is your 360 hot stuff? Chill out with this power cooler...

THE POWERFUL and compact Xbox 360 can generate a lot of heat, so some hardware manufacturers are now providing cooling solutions. However, their ideas are somewhat misguided.

Firstly, the dual fans are set in the unit's base, positioned to blow air through the Xbox 360 and cool it. However, the unit's very low profile and the limited exit vents at the Xbox 360's top mean that it really doesn't have much room to draw or blow the air.

Secondly, the Power Cooling System claims to have 'low-noise operation'. But when we plugged it in, we heard a sound like the wailings of a thousand dervishes, spinning as to set dust-devils to shame. Which is to say, it's very, very loud.


The stand is pleasing to the eye, styled up to match the Xbox 360's sleek white curves. The inset niche to store your Xbox 360 remote control (if you have one) is a handy extra feature, but essentially this kit is playing on fears of overheating, a problem which in reality has affected a very few console owners.

The verdict

Attractive and cheap but ultimately a bit pointless

  • Cheap
  • Nicely styled
  • Peace of cooling mind
  • Actually rather superfluous
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