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Scarface: The World is Yours

The ultra violent world of Tony 'F******' Montana brings fresh ideas to the crime-spree table

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Because of the annoyance of the cheery 'You're f***ed!' screen, you get a brilliant feeling of 'should I stay or should I go?' whenever the fuzz turn up at a crimescene, not least because the penalty for being caught is having all the money and coke you have on you confiscated.

The way to lose heat is quite clever too; a purple circle appears on your map around the scene of your crime which you have to get out of, while also getting out of range of trailing police cars that have similar, yet smaller, circles of detection around them.

Scarface then: an engaging abomination aimed at gutter gamers, yet sprinkled with an undeniable few keys of pizzazz. But do you honestly want to play a game that lists the vital organs you pierce with bullets? Left kidney, right kidney, left nut, right nut etc. Do you really want to play something with a Balls-meter?


The Godfather was a far inferior game, but at least when you played it you felt you were in the company of a grown-up. Despite design cleverness and an engaging cityscape, there's just no joy here - the simple pleasure of GTA's breathlessly innovative missions or the daft fun of Just Cause is nowhere to be seen. I'll admit that deep down, Scarface isn't entirely the teenage abomination it first appears to be, but I'd also be a little disappointed in anyone who actually went out and bought it.

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The verdict

Calm down dear

  • Genuinely brings in some fresh ideas
  • Feels as if you're building an empire
  • Made for angry
  • American teenagers
  • Deliberately headline-baiting
  • So console it hurts
Radical Entertainment
Radical Entertainment