Chili Con Carnage

Producer and game director Søren Lund tells us why the PSP shooter is burning hot

Deadline Games's PSP action spectacular Chili Con Carnage is a sequel of sorts to the developer's Total Overdose. The studio's promising to deliver fast and furious combat, crazy over-the-top special moves and an impressive weapon load-out in a game that finds you rampaging through the seedy underworld of Los Toros, Mexico, as Ramiro Cruz.

Cruz - who also starred in Total Overdose, incidentally - is a man out to avenge the assassination of his father, this involving taking the battle to the inner circles of the local kingpin Cesar Morales' drug cartel, with the ensuing action spread across 19 missions and seven exotic locations. We recently caught up with Chili Con Carnage producer and game director Søren Lund to find out more...


Why PSP? What makes PSP the ideal platform for Chili Con Carnage?

Søren Lund: The PSP is a platform desperately in need of a proper action game. There are plenty of RPGs, adventures, racing games, puzzle games and big epos story-driven exploration games out there but very few pure adrenaline rushes such as Chili Con Carnage. It's almost as if the platform was forgotten by the action game developers.

What key features of Total Overdose are you bringing across?

Søren Lund: The single most important feature we elaborated on was the style gameplay. We've made it a much more integrated part of the gameplay, that the player uses the games' different moves and the combo-system to achieve higher and higher scores thus being rewarded with better weapons, dual weapon overdrive, more loco moves, more health, more combo-time etc. etc. We unlock new levels, game modes and playable characters depending on the player's level scores. And for the master players we unlock unlimited ammo and trophies such as concept art and videos etc.

And what changes to the Total Overdose formula are you making? Any features of TO that you're building on for Chili?

Søren Lund: There are many things we have changed, omitted, added and refined. The game is a re-invention rather than a port and therefore no stone has been left unturned. The game has been refined to a much more tight and compact action game and all the design decisions have been targeted at achieving that goal. Free roaming between missions has been left out to provide a much more streamlined and focused gameplay experience, for instance. As a minor detail I can mention that it's a brand new story as well.

Why Mexico, what's the appeal?

Søren Lund: Mexico is just such a great vista for our escapades. The country has every landscape feature you could want... desert, jungle, mountains, plains, villages, urban environment, old and new. There is some kind of Wild West romance quality to Mexico that just lends itself to the colourful and outrageous locations that we needed for our game. That and the fact that everyone knows Mexico and kind of what to expect when you say the name.


Exactly how fast and furious is the action in Chili? Can you give us a few examples?

Søren Lund: Oh boy... What to pick out? There are many great scenes in the game but I'll just pick and "average" scenario from a little over halfways through the game where you come running through a hacienda level, the combo-timer is counting down and you've only got a few seconds to find and take down the next enemy or your combo ends and the score will be set. You round the corner and find yourself face to face with 10 furious muscle babes in lush courtyard with fountains, palms and "exotic" paintings on the walls.

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