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Bring it back! - Your shout

We've chosen our own 10 most wanted PC sequels - now you get to have your say

Last week on CVG, 10 PC gamers within Future Towers picked out a PC game or series that they'd love to see a sequel to or in. Part of the feature also involved calling on you our readers to voice your own thoughts, what sequels you yourselves would like to see realised. As promised, we've picked out a select few responses to the feature and here they are presented below...

Camp Freddy wasn't' sure if sequels to sequels counted [yep, they sure do/did - Ed], but said he'd love to see No One Lives Forever 3 and Aliens vs. Predator 3. "Both sequels are excellent games IMHO".

alansneath wants to see a sequel to Anachronox. "This game was (is) just brilliant!" We're pretty sure we've still got an original copy knocking around somewhere. Maybe we should blow the dust off it and have another play...

happywombleman went for a sequel in the Red Faction series. "I think they should make a Red Faction 3. That would kick ass so hard. The geo-mod in RF 2 was a little disappointing, so they could update that. Also, if they did, I think they should go back to Mars".

Aircool_212 chose a follow-up to UFO: Enemy Unknown "In all it's turn based glory". mowglippml agreed with the choice: "Ohhhh.... I absolutely love this game beyond all reasonable comprehension!" Woah, steady on there fella. Funnily enough, several folk in Future Towers agree and it nearly sneaked into our chosen 10.

mowglippml also picked Shogun 2 : Total War, a nomination which received sage nods of approval from our old muckers on PC Zone magazine.

Not surprisingly, Grim Fandango, Day of The Tentacle and Beyond Good and Evil received a mention, Thalanos wanting to see sequels to these and mescalin1 also seemingly wanting Day of The Tentacle: The Sequel.

mindlessrubbish chose a number of games, including Dungeon Keeper 3. "...if DK3 is on someone's mind, they've got my vote", adding Crusader and MechWarrior as titles or series that should receive the sequel treatment.

And finally... Cheeky chappy davidkaneda decided to throw caution to the wind and suggest a sequel to a console game! But we'll let him off on the basis of the game chosen - GoldenEye, "surely the best console FPS of all time".

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