Halo 3 revelations

"If you thought there was a lot of Halo information last week, wait 'til next week" says Bungie. Next week being this week...

November 15 sees the fifth anniversary of Halo launching alongside Xbox in the US. And to mark the occasion Bungie has some "pretty BIG surprises and maybe announcements to shout about.

Not too long ago Bungie opened its doors to the press for the first Halo 3 multiplayer session and those magazine articles are about to land. But thanks to the wonder of the internet, the info has already been splashed all over CVG. From what Bungie is saying there might be a little more info to come our way. Keep your eyes right here for that.

In other Halo news, it's been revealed over the weekend that the most popular game on Xbox Live is still Halo 2. Yep, not even Gears Of War or Call of Duty 3 came close to topping Master Chief's deathmatch chaos. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict that the only game that'll be bigger than Halo 2 on Xbox Live will be Halo 3 when it launches sometime next year.