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CoD3 Wii trailer - sequel rumours

One explosive Wii trailer, and CoD4 abandoning WWII rumours

Call of Duty 3 on the Wii may lack the grunt of the 360 version in the graphics department, but it adds to the game with some of the coolest motion-controlled scenarios we've seen on Wii, and you can see them all in this trailer.

As well as the pointer-style control for the shooting sections, you will be turning the controller like a wheel to steer a car, using the controller as an oar to row a boat, pushing the controllers forward to wrestle with enemies and various other clever applications.

If you're looking forward to getting stuck into CoD3, you'll be pleased to know that the sequel is already in the pipeline, and new rumours are beginning to surface. According to Amped IGO, a source close to CoD4 developers Infinity Ward has revealed that the game will abandon the WWII setting, instead being based in a modern setting.

The game is also rumoured to have a new, more detailed damage detection system that will be accurate enough to shoot off an opponent's ear. Sounds nice. The anonymous source also claims the multiplayer will allow for 54 players, and that it will appear on the PC as well as consoles, although nothing has been confirmed.

Call of Duty 3 is a December 8 launch game on Wii. Look out for the review next week.