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Who bought PS3 with no games?

The software tie-in ratio for the Japanese PS3 launch was less than one game sold. Looks like a lot of people bought PS3 purely to sell it on...

According to Japanese gaming bible Famitsu, the top three selling games at the PlayStation 3 launch in Japan over the weekend were Ridge Racer 7 (30,300 units), Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (30,000 units) and Resistance: Fall of Man (20,889). Our calculator skills tell us that the grand total of software sales was 84,189 units.

Over on the hardware side of things, PS3 sales over the weekend were 54,600 for the meaty 60Gb version and 33,800 units of the lite 20Gb model. Thanks to the calculator we can say with complete confidence that a total of 88,400 units of PS3 hardware were sold.

So that means there were more PS3s sold than games. Either Japanese gamers went mad for Blue-ray or a lot of people went and bought one for the sole purpose of selling it on and making a tidy profit. And that's cheating if you ask us...

Thanks to MCV.