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WIN! Phantasy Star Universe goodies!

Signed art books, soundtrack CDs and a Sapphire Radeon X1950 XTX graphics card up for grabs

Sega's Phantasy Star series has recently returned to the videogame world in Phantasy Star Universe on PC, Xbox 360 and PS2, and to get all happy about its launch we've teamed with the publisher to give away PSU soundtrack CDs, a graphics card and PSU art books that have been signed by Takao Miyoshi - producer on the game.

Phantasy Star Universe combines planet-hopping, online RPG action-adventuring in the Gurhal system with a single-player campaign that focuses on the plight of 17-year old cadet Ethan Waber. Events in the campaign kick off when Waber rescues his sister at the Guardians, a colony under siege by mysterious life forms known as The Seed.


Right, let's get on to the prizes. We have five soundtrack CDS and five signed art books to give away, along with the Sapphire Radeon X1950 XTX graphics card (PCI Express x16, 512Mb GDDR4 SDRAM, RAMDAC Clock Speed 400 MHz, TV Interface HDTV out / video in, Core Clock Speed 650 MHz and other bells an whistles). First prize is the graphics card along with an art book and a CD, while four runners-up will each receive a CD and an art book.

As per usual, to stand a chance of winning just answer the question below correctly.