WARNING: WiiConnect 24 kills Wiis

Units rendered useless by Nintendo's first online update

The joys of having a Wii on launch has come to a sudden, disturbing end for a few gamers in the US, who've reported an online update fed to their console through the WiiConnect 24 service has killed their new console.

According to IGN, faulty consoles affected by the update display an error code indicating the nature of problem, with the most fatal codes being 110213 and 32002.

Users who experience problems can either contact Nintendo to get a replacement console sent to them or, if their Wii already contains data they wish to keep, they have to send their console to Nintendo for repair.

But it could be almost two weeks before a working unit is returned to them, in which time said gamer, who may well have queued up for many hours in sheer anticipation of getting their Wii, could turn homicidal and hit the streets to batter people with their temporarily useless Wii Remotes.

It's America - anything can happen.