Play Zammo on Xbox Live

Grange Hill crackhead Samuel 'Zammo' Maquire is up for a Marble Blast face-off

There's a clear divide in the CVG office this morning, as we set apart those too young to remember Grange Hill cult hero Zammo, and those old and wrinkly enough to actually find excitement in his Xbox Live appearance tomorrow.

Yes - the round-headed 80s legend, last seen protecting rotund Roland from daily beatings and shoving various illicit substances up his nose in the toilets, will be playing Live Arcade classic Marble Blast between 5pm and 7pm tomorrow evening.

For a chance to play with the Zamster simply add his gamertag 'Zammo360', un-tuck your shirt and then keep an eye on your tie for deadly peanut attacks. If he wins, just say 'no'.

(For the record Andy doesn't remember Grange Hill. He did Saved By Bell, bless him - Ed).