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Small Arms goes live

Sidescrolling blaster now available

The latest title to hit Xbox Live Arcade, Small Arms is now available for download for 800 Microsoft points.

The sidescrolling blaster was created by pint-sized developer Gastronaut Studios, and apparently has you playing as various 'wacky' characters like a cyborg cat or mutant chimney sweep in a 360 degrees blast-fest.

The most interesting feature of Small Arms though is it's unique "social networking" achievement, which can only be unlocked by playing with another player who already has it. At present this means your only change of getting the "Six Degrees of Small Arms" achievement is by nabbing a game with the title's four creators, but we're sure every man and his dog will have it in a few months time.

We'll let you know if anyone else follows in Small Arms' lead with this fancy achievement.