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Digital Extremes offers new Dark Sector info

Screens and trailer released for Digital Extremes' action game that's been in hiding for almost a year

A new teaser trailer and screenshots are shedding fresh light on Dark Sector, Digital Extremes' intriguing third-person action game that was first unveiled in 2000.

It's the first we've seen of the project in some time - in fact, we have to trip back nearly a year for the last info, when it was revealed that the dev had ripped out the original space-based theme for its project and replaced it with a scenario that finds players battling in a near-future where bio-weapons have unleashed hell and havoc.

You play Hayden Tenno, a character with the ability to morph into different combat forms - you get a glimpse of him in the new trailer.

Dark Sector is currently carrying an autumn 2007 release date, and we're expecting it to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Get teased by the first of many official blogs on the game.