Rebel With A Cause

Take a walk with us on the wild side of Xbox 360 gaming

Don't like playing fair? Don't like being sensible? Like pushing a game until it breaks? We're going to show you how to do the most devious, outrageous and downright idiotic things in gaming. Over the next four pages, you'll be given access to places
you were never meant to go, things you were never meant to see and the tricks that the developers never even dreamed of!


Amped 3
Every evil genius needs an evil fortress, and Baron Von Havoc is no exception. Make your way over to the DC Mtn Lab and ride down to the big concrete tower. The best way to get there is to grind the massive concrete pipes leading down from the peak. When you arrive, switch to a snowmobile and drive directly underneath the base of the tower, stopping right next to the central support column. Now switch back to a snowboard and you should automatically teleport to the top of the tower. It's like magic! As if that wasn't good enough, you can ride around up there or even build items on top of it!

Find a really, really long drop off a cliff - the more dangerously insane. the better - and then build one of the super-high jumps right on the edge of it. Do a trial run where you ride the snowmobile over the jump, and pause the game the moment you land. Build a ton of items around the landing spot, including crates, tyres and cardboard rabbits. Now go back and do the jump again - you should try to crash-land directly into the pile and cause a massive avalanche of debris. This is even more fun if you've unlocked the turbo-charged Colonatronic snowmobile by completing the game.

Once you've unlocked the hang-glider sled by getting gold medals on every challenge, you'll be able to soar to impossible heights. Take off by riding over a jump, and then keep holding up on the Left thumbstick. The longer you hold it, the higher you'll travel, and there's actually no limit to how high you can go. When you finally start to get bored, eject from the glider for a massive fall down to earth. Try not to go out of bounds at any point, otherwise the game will reset you on the ground.


The Outfit
Right at the start of Mission 8 'See the Light', you can find a small cottage with a garden out the front. Run up to the wheelbarrow and press A to jump inside. One of your fellow soldiers will now push you along and you can take on the Nazis with three wheels of destruction. In fact, it's totally useless and more than a bit ridiculous, but you may be able to run over the occasional Gestapo officer if you're lucky. This trick is even more fun in co-op mode, where the other player gets to push you around.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Each of the Goblin tribes has its own cave and totem staff. You can cause a massive battle between them by stealing two or more of these totems and dropping them in a location anywhere outside their caves. The Goblins will travel any distance to recover their precious totems and they'll instantly try to attack anyone that stands in their way. It's probably a good idea to keep your distance when the battle kicks off. You can find two such totems, the 'Bloody Hand' and 'Rock Biters' during the quest Goblin Trouble.

Mirabelle Monet is an insatiable woman who runs the Fo'c'sle, an Anvil boarding house for sailors. Check out her room between midnight and 6am to see her getting a bit too close to her five lodgers!

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