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They Hunger: Lost Souls

The classic Half-Life horror mod is reborn on Source

Perhaps you were too young, perhaps you'd never heard of it, perhaps you were a big scaredy girl; but none of these are a good enough excuse for not having played the venerable They Hunger series - the best single-player Half-Life mods in all of modtown. But don't worry - shambling from the selfsame shadows comes They Hunger: Lost Souls, an all-new zombie offering that sees the undead's transition into Source.

The plotline has now been transferred to the increasingly zombified plains of north-eastern Europe, yet has a few similarities with They Hunger past. "It's the early 1960s, and strange anomalies have culminated with dead corpses rising from their graves," explains designer Neil Manke in portentous tones.


"As a tourist recovering from a tragic accident, you initially seek shelter in an ancient monastery, but soon realise bloodthirsty zombies have overrun the entire area... It's not exactly a sequel, so younger players that never had a chance to play the original adventures can fully enjoy the new game. And it's certainly not a remake either, so the original fans will have a chance to play a fresh game with original challenges instead of just replaying an old game with better graphics."

Pay attention to the time period too: a prime reason for the '60s setting is that it ups the terror quotient quite a bit - and not just because of the terrifying advance of women's lib either. "Zombies aren't nearly as scary if you have powerful modern weapons capable of quickly exterminating everything in sight," explains Mr Manke. "In comparison, 1960s weaponry is just capable enough to give you a surviving chance against zombies." And if you're really struggling, you'll still be able to pull out your trusty zombie-battering spade.

We'll have a ton more information on Lost Souls soon, and although it hasn't been announced, we'd be the uncles of particularly gruesome undead monkeys if it weren't headed towards some form of Valve-associated online delivery system in the near future.