GT HD reduced to concept demo

No online Gran Turismo planned until 2008 with GT5

Kazunori Yamaouchi, CEO and producer at Gran Turismo dev Polyphony, has revealed that developer has chosen to focus attention on Gran Turismo 5, with Gran Turismo HD no longer to be released as a full game. GT HD instead is to made available for download as GT-HD Concept demo.

GT-HD Concept features 10 cars, 1 course with 2 layouts, Time Attack and Drift Trial modes. It also delivers a full HD visual experience reinforced with the new engine being developed for GT5. It has no online support other than a network ranking. The online experience will come with GT5 in 2008.

Currently, GT-HD Concept is set for release via PlayStation Store on December 24 in Japan.

Yamaouchi explained that the decision to pull the plug on the Gran Turismo HD full game occurred in the wake of the Tokyo Game Show. He also said that it's possible additional Concept demos will be released further down the line.