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First SSX Wii footage spotted

New Wii instalment of EA's much-loved snowboarding series debuts on US telly

As promised last week, the first footage of the new Wii instalment of EA's seminal snowboarding series, SSX Blur has been shown on US TV - and you can watch it for yourself thanks to ye olde internet.

The footage shows what appears to be a similar series entry to the much-loved SSX 3, which mixed up the vanilla snowboarding affairs by presenting an entire mountain for you to conquer - and obviously throw yourself off as well.

The presentation of the game seems also to have backtracked from the rocking beats and scribbled drawings of last series instalment SSX On Tour, which didn't review as well as previous cousins.

There's no release date for SSX Blur as yet, but we're sure there'll be more word on the Wii snowboarder some time in the near future.