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The Legend of Spyro

The flame-ous dragon flies once more in his latest kid-frindly actioner

Having a year zero, where you start a thing from scratch, is something normally employed by revolutionaries and comicbook writers as a way of rejuvenating dead franchises when the ideas run out. Surprisingly, then, Spyro's rebirth is a high-quality experience, with well-scripted dialogue and voice acting from the likes of Elijah Wood and Gary Oldman. It follows the story of the purple Dragonlet Spyro, the only survivor of his egg clutch, who's charged with the saving the land by locating the missing Dragon guardians and defeating the evil dragon Cynder.

While it's not targeted at adults, it's not a game you'll be annoyed at your kids playing and there's an impressive array of combos and attacks to master. Spyro also levels up throughout the game, learning new moves and mastering the four types of breath - fire, ice, earth and electricity - that are taught by the guardian dragons. It's not original and the platforming sections are a little weak, but if you've got kids, then it's a palatable successor to Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

The verdict

Attractive action game reworked properly for the younger types. Help make Spyro truly flamous once more!

Krome Studios