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FFIII DS heads to Europe next spring

Square Enix's incredible DS RPG targets Europe next spring

Square Enix has confirmed that its DS remake of Final Fantasy III will be heading to Europe in spring 2007.

It will be the first time that European RPG fans have had a chance to play the third Final Fantasy instalment, which was originally released for the Famicom (Nes) in Japan a whopping 17 years ago.

The Nintendo DS revamp sees a complete 3D overhall of the game - which looks impressive even for the DS. Sqaure Enix has also incorporated the touch screen into gameplay somewhat, using it for spell casting, combat and exploration of the many dungeons.

We're currently hammering away on the US version, and we can confirm that RPG fans should be very excited for FFIII's long-overdue arrival. Look out for our review sometime in the run-up to release.