Viva Piņata gets smashing downloads

Hats and gamer pics for Rare's cutesy garden game

If you've resisted the urge to go back to good old Gears curb-stomping and are still gardening away in Viva Piņata, then you'll be pleased to know that a slew of Piņata download content has just hit Xbox Live Marketplace - and you can buy earrings!

90 Microsoft points is the asking price for the latest pack, which gives you a pair of mermaid earrings (!), romance earrings and a Santa hat to buy from the pet store in your paper-mache village.

And if that simply isn't enough to quench your frothing demand for more multi-coloured animal downloads, there's also a pair of "sweet and sour" gamerpic packs up today for 80 points each.

Oh sod it - we're off to build a new house for our paper badgers.