SSX Blur details fall into focus

Snowboarding instalment taking full advantage of the Wii's capabilities

EA has released a few details on SSX Blur, the new instalment in the snowboarding series that's being developed at EA Montreal exclusively for Wii.

The Wii instalment of the much-loved snowboarding series was revealed last weekend on US TV, and if you haven't already you can watch the trailer yourself.

According to the publisher, Blur retains the series tricks and racing formula but the fun-factor is "amplified by the unique capability of the Nintendo Wii controller". It claims that the game features everything you'd expect from the franchise, "delivered in a totally unexpected way" and there's talk of the controls taking full advantage of the console "by putting you in total command of your skier or rider, on-the-ground & in-the-air, by translating every motion you make into the skills that create mountain legends."

"We wanted to take the soul of the franchise-the air, the speed, the tricks, the fun-and Wii-ify it," Alex Hyder, producer on the product, has explained. "You're going to see that reflected in the On-the-Ground & In-the-Air controls, the characters, the user interface, and every other aspect of this game."

SSX Blur is due in March 2007. Check out the video top-right of the page.