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Gamers sue Microsoft following Live update

US gamers join forces to file a class action lawsuit following problems caused by the fall 360 dashboard update

The recent fall update (read the story here) for Xbox 360 seems to have been plagued with problems for more than just a few gamers.

Over on there's a HUGE 66 page thread with people complaining about problems following the recent dashboard update. Many have contacted Microsoft's customer service, only to be told that they have to pay for the repairs themselves.

"I called tech support and they said they were looking into it but haven't found anything conclusive yet. I refuse to pay for repairs when an update caused the problem," says EeryB Runner. And he's not the only one.

A number of US gamers aren't standing for it and have been filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and their State Department of Consumer Affairs. RedRum6622 claims to have filed a 'class action' suit against Microsoft with a US law firm.

We must have been the lucky ones, because we've yet to experience any issues followign the update. Microsoft has yet to respond to the lawsuit.