Win a dream bundle of hardcore gaming goodies!

Win a bundle of gaming goodness to celebrate the launch of our new hardware section!

Taken one between the eyes again during your latest Counter-Strike session? Arse handed back to you on a regular basis in Warcraft or lost the battle and the war in Medieval 2 and staring at a red hot poker up the jacksie courtesy of the smelly French?

Well they say a poor workman always blames his tools, but that's an excuse you'll no longer have after today if you enter our fantastic new competition to win a bundle of hardcore gaming goodies, which will make you the envy of the known world, and possibly the unknown one too.


So if you suffer from poor peripheral performance or if you already play like a gaming god and just need some high quality goodies to hone your competitive edge, we've got a bundle of PC periphs that are guaranteed to up your gaming ante.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Hardware section here on CVG we've teamed up with those lovely people from Meroncourt, suppliers of superior gaming goodies, peripherals and accessories, to offer you a chance to win a hardcore gamer's dream bundle of accessories, means you need never ever suffer from peripheral envy ever again.

Here's what you could win...

  • Razer Krait - Razer's high precision gaming mouse, optimised for RTS and MMOG gamers featurueing a 1600 DPI optical engine, 3 ultra responsive buttons and capable of over 1200 APM
  • :Razer Baracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones - with 8 Sonic Drivers, Surround Sound, Razer High Def dedicated Audio Interface noise cancelling headphones
  • Razer Mantis Control Mat - A roll up precision gaming surface, optimised for high sensitivity gaming for precise targeting and tracking
  • A PC Pro Gamersbag - A camo-ed up special for Midi and desktop PCs with all manner of goodies, ideal for lugging your gaming PC to LAN parties.

So just answer the following simple question and all this could be winging its way through your door