Bionicle Heroes

Lego Star Wars-lite

Imagine Lego Star Wars for kids that's set in a world of robots and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this entertaining if overly simplistic action/puzzler. After attempting to decipher the nonsensical intro, you're thrown straight into the linear, colourful, LEGO-robot infested gaming world, which teems with simple puzzles and enemies that charge at you in straight lines. As challenges go, it's right up there with opening a door or boiling an egg.

In its defence, Bionicle Heroes is clearly being aimed at the kiddy market (or at least I hope it is), presenting a pleasant alternative to the more challenging LEGO Star Wars series. What's more, seeing as the developer behind that very game is also responsible for this, you probably won't be surprised to hear that Bionicle Heroes brims with quality, ranging from its bold, imaginative levels to the diversity of the robots that you get to control.


It's just a shame that the blocky menu system and overly generous built-in aim-assist smack of console pandering, because otherwise, this is a very competent piece of programming. If you have an eight-year-old who keeps casting envious glances at you while you're playing LEGO Star Wars, but shits his pants when LEGO Darth waddles onto the screen, then you should seriously consider buying them this as an alternative. If nothing else, it'll keep them quiet while you wield the Force.

The verdict

Lego Star Wars-lite

Traveller's Tales
Eidos Interactive