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Jaws Unleashed

Does it have bite, or is it just a gummy return for the world's most famous Great White?

Something lurks under the water. And it's not a floating turd either; no, no, that would be on the surface. Instead, it's the Spielberg-created, dead-eyed, fishy-breathed monster of the '70s, the one single-handedly responsible for making me afraid of going in the swimming pool.

Developed by Appaloosa Interactive (the former developers of Sega classic Ecco The Dolphin), things follow a much darker path here than in the hippy favourite, Ecco. You play as the great white shark who's yet again returned to
terrorise the inhabitants of Amity Island, thus equating to a series of stages in which you must hunt and be hunted by the residents of the island, returning back to the relative safety of the ocean between missions.


Things don't seem to be looking up for our 25ft fishy friend though, as the game is plagued by a number of issues, such as a dodgy camera, unwieldy controls, a number of bugs and some poor console graphics.

However, the brilliant John Williams theme tune is present and correct, some of the underwater scenes can look quite pretty and the first 30 minutes had me in stitches after I discovered that I could jump onto land, dismember people in
different ways and that the panicked swimmers sound a bit like Futurama's Dr Zoidberg. Sadly, much of the novelty wore off soon after and the rest of the game left me, just like many in the film, dead in the water.

The verdict

A bit fishy