Age of Empires: The Age of Kings

Leading Joan of Arc - armed with nothing more than your trusty stylus

How the hell did Backbone manage to make Age Of Empires work on DS? We're not sure even they have the answer, but we do know that this remarkable strategy game takes an ultra complicated PC game and shoehorns it into a console with about a fiftieth of the power without sacrificing any of its key components. The ability to play out history's most famous battles on some its most famous battlegrounds and command armies and dictate battle tactics... it's all in here.

Empires Strikes Back
It's turn-based and not real-time anymore, but it works beautifully. The urban side of the game - building towns, mills, mines and more - is still in place, as is the chance to discover new technologies and stick it to your opponents in 28 different campaigns.


As good as Advance Wars then? Well, no but Nintendo know the machine best; so that's hardly surprising. But for Empires to even merit a mention in the same breath tells you this is pretty close. Highly recommended for a superior slice of DS strategy

The verdict

It can be pretty demanding and, at times, intimidating, but Age Of Empires is still an incredible achievement - and a great strategy game.

  • Top quality strategy shoehorned onto the Dual Screen for your pleasure
Nintendo DS
Sim / Strategy