Assassin's Creed

Despite only being announced for PS3, we always told you this was coming to 360. We were right...

Not that we like to go on about it, but our more regular readers may recall that, back in our E3 issue (#40, fact fans), we predicted that Assassin's Creed, the all-new game from Ubisoft's Prince of Persia team was a surefire Xbox 360 release, despite only being announced for PlayStation 3 at the time.

Well, what do you know? This month, just in time for the Liepzig Games Show at the end of August, Ubisoft sent word down the telephone lines that their high concept, hi-res medieval sword-stabber would indeed be a 360 game, and would indeed arrive alongside the PS3 version. Quelle surprise.


Make no mistake, though: it's good news. Anyone whose seen the trailer in action - and you will have done on #40's DVD - will have found themselves blown away by the initial CG intro. Gameplay may be a little further away, but the trailer still gives a real indication of what to expect: huge crowds, religious conflict, hangings, swords, platforming and, not surprisingly given the name, assassinations as well.

Truth is, it's not a radical departure for the PoP team (even the art direction is vaguely similar), but there seems to be a real edge to proceedings this time, more in line with what the Prince was dishing out in Warrior Within. One death in the trailer involved the main assassin sticking a knife in a guy's neck. Bloody.

Given what a bang-up job the team did on the PoP games, and the flash of a look we had at the environment in which this is set, we'd suggest this will be a next gen game of note.

The verdict

No gameplay as yet, but plenty of CG story set-up to wade through... and no wonder the PS3 crowd have been getting so excited about it. Wide open spaces mixed with claustrophobic city tunnels mixed with super-stealth mixed with highly intelligent computer crowds mixed with a next gen engine that looks startlingly lifelike? Don't mind if we do. More, of course, as we start to get it.

Xbox 360
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