PS3 delayed in Europe until September 07?

Source tells CVG that PS3 won't launch in Europe until September 2007 while Sony sticks to March release

Sony's head of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison recently told Official PlayStation Magazine that he wouldn't like to make any definitive statements about the March rollout for PS3.

Sony quickly followed that up with a statement re-confirming PS3 is on track for March 2007 across Europe. But speculation of a further delay just won't go away.

High placed sources within the industry have already been tipping April as a more realistic launch window the for console. But a source has told CVG that a PS3 delay as far back as September 2007 is now far more likely, pointing the finger of delay at - yes you guessed it - "component shortages". And let's face it, you don't launch a console in summer.

When contacted this morning a Sony UK spokesperson told CVG that "We're 100 percent on track for a March release".

Sony's Euro boss added, "We're still on schedule to launch PS3 in March, throughout the PAL territories... and all speculation otherwise, is without foundation".