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WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Old grumpychops is back - and the easily embarrassed need not apply

Trust the WarioWare team to create something so limitlessly inventive it pretty much trumps every other effort on Wii, at least in terms of how they've managed to use the remote. Any developers who reckon they've found an original way to waggle the Wii wand for a forthcoming masterpiece had better check out the WarioWare demo first, because there's an arm-flailingly good chance that it's already been done.

Faced with a succession of five second microgames in previous versions, it's always been easy enough to figure out what you're meant to do. Press a button, rotate a Game Boy, swipe a stylus or whatever. In this, the possibilities are so vast that each microgame is preceded by an instruction message telling you to hold the remote in a particular way.


Holding it like a handlebar (the 'chauffeur' position), you can steer a car or shove somebody in the back. Hold it like a pen (the 'sketch artist') and you can guide a cookie cutter to punch holes in a malleable sheet of dough. While the extra explanations remove some of the game's immediacy, there's a ludicrous amount of fun to be had, such as holding it like a baton and pretending to run an arm-pumping sprint. It's going to be a great let's-all-gesticulate-like-a-nun-on-fire party game.