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Assassins Creed in sci-fi shocker

Telly stunner Kristen Bell drops Assassins Creed plot revelations - spoilers inside!

Actress Kristen Bell has let slip a huge plot revelation in Ubisoft's much anticipated medieval swashbuckler Assassin's Creed (spoilers ahead) - that the game's Crusade-fighting antics are in fact part of a Matrix-style virtual reality project.

In an interview with IGN, Bell - who has provided her voice and face for Assassins Creed - said that the game is "based on the research that's sort of happening now, about the fact that your genes might be able to hold memory."

She continues: "it's about this science company trying to, Matrix-style, go into peoples brains and find out an ancestor who used to be an assassin, and sort of locate who that person is."

So it seems that Ubi's medieval assassin-em-up is infact futuristic sci-fi set in the modern day as the leaked screenshots from earlier in the year suggested.

Suspicions over the game's modern-day link were also fueled by an X06 cock-up in September, when the game's lovely producer very briefly displayed a futuristic-looking menu screen on stage.

Compelling twist or complete cop-out? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.