Eidos talks Midway sequels

"There's a lot of great history we could go into," producer tells CVG

Klaude Thomas, producer on Eidos's forthcoming naval warfare game Battlestations: Midway, has mulled over sequel possibilities in an interview with CVG published on the site today.

Although he said he guesses that the future of the series depends on how Midway is received when we talked with him at recent press event in London, he divulged that the development team "has a lot of ideas about what they'd like to see in the future and there's a lot of great history we could go into".

"I think if players like it we'll make another one", he added.

But would it be further naval warfare or, while perhaps not quite in keeping with the images conjured up by 'Battlestations', maybe cover the likes of D-Day? With Battlestations: Midway focussing purely on naval warfare, are landing invasions, ground troops and ground warfare features that the current game's technology could handle?

"Well, that's one of the features that we wanted to have more of and I think we will have more of it in the future if we get the chance, is the landing invasions. I think one thing that would be really cool would be full-scale landing invasions", Thomas replied.

During our chat, he also revealed Eidos's plan to beef up Battlestations: Midway with new content shortly after launch in early 2007, new units - and new missions built specifically for these units - to be released for download for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

PC users should get this for free, but it's possible 360 owners will have to dip into their wallets for the goods, Thomas said.