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Eagle Eye Golf

Just what we need - a brand new golf game series because Tiger Woods is too boring. And good

Sometimes, games come along that are so unremarkable, it's difficult to know what to say about them. This is one such example. There are vast expanses of green, lots of tournaments, players to unlock, a create-a golfer mode, a perfectly satisfactory control system... but nothing at all stands out. Looking for something exciting in Eagle Eye Golf is like searching for needle in a particularly needle free haystack.

It works well enough, we suppose. It uses the Tiger Woods-approved method of flicking the right stick down and up to take your shot, while spin is added with the D-pad. But it lacks that game's slick looks and hyper-realism, and nor is it as appealing - or, more importantly, as fun - as Everybody's Golf. Yes, it's cheaper than both, but where's the advantage in that when you're buying something that's simply a bit dull?


Sure, the create-a-golfer mode is extensive - we made a big golfing clown with an afro - and there are enough courses and competitions to keep you going (including a rubbish 'mission mode' where you're tasked with objectives like 'land the ball eight metres from the flag twice consecutively, which sounds simple until you realise that everything else in the game is measured in yards), but Eagle Eye Golf is so lacking in atmosphere, and spirit that you just won't care. It doesn't offend in any way, particularly - but that seems to be the limit of its ambitions. And what good is that to anybody?

The verdict

If this were the Ryder Cup, Everybody's Golf and Tiger Woods would be way out in front. Eagle Eye would have fallen in a water trap and drowned.

PlayStation 2