Download the Medieval II patch here!

Bang out those dents in the Total War armour. CVG is hosting the patch that's now a few clicks away

The Creative Assembly has released Update 1 for its latest RTS game Medieval II: Total War, and you can grab the English-language version by hitting this link of patch justice.

In a blog update on, the dev's said that it's "addressed as much as we could so you would get the update before Christmas". A whopping list of fixes has been posted on the official website.

TCA has additionally informed that it's working on Update 2 at the moment: "We're currently working on the second update and are in constant discussion with community leaders to be sure your biggest concerns get looked at first. But to the modders out there, you're finally getting the unpacker so you can mod even more of the game, enjoy."

It continues: "As a teaser for Update 2, we're currently playing with some of the fixes and tweaks and have to say, you will absolutely love the more aggressive Scotland and Mongol campaign AI, more naval assaults, an even more consistent less powerful cavalry charge, less devastating gunpowder units and last but not least, stronger 2-handed axe men and billmen."

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