GTA: Vice City Stories

What's on Vice City villain Tommy Vercetti's mind?

PSM3 takes a long hard ponder at some of the potential upcoming features in Rockstar's second GTA handheld outing.

"Will there be any multi-player features?"
Almost definitely. There were some multi-player elements in Vice City - like the kill as fast as you can. Rampage mode - so they may just rehash those. New ones? Maybe.

"Who'll be the lead character this time around?"
It could be Lance Vance, the sharp-suited criminal who helped Tommy out in the first game. Though this would mean that the game would have to be set before the events of Vice City because - spoiler alert! - you killed him on the roof of your mansion in the 'Keep Your Friends Close...' mission.


"What time period will this one be set in?"
If Vice City on PS2 was set in 1986, maybe Vice City Stories will take place straight after the original game, and deal with Tommy Vercetti's total rule of Vice City.

"Will the air vehicles make an appearance?"
We doubt it, although you could take advantage of a bug in Liberty City and fly a chopper for a bit. But can PSP handle loading such huge chunks of city at once?

"Will anything be carried over from San Andreas?"
We had the costume-changing in Liberty City Stories, but will other features like eating, stamina and levelling-up be introduced? We missed all the customisation options in LCS and were sad we couldn't gobble a thousand burgers and waddle around Liberty City all bloated. Surely, this time.

"What about new features, then?"
Nothing radically fresh, we think. It'll be much the same as LCS - new missions, ambulance/vigilante tasks and new cut-scenes. And maybe the golf karts will return.

The verdict

This should be as good as Liberty City Stories - hopefully without the control issues. We cant wait to tear up the streets of Vice City again.

PlayStation Portable
Take-Two Interactive
Action, Racing / Driving