Rainbow Six: Vegas

The crack counter-terrorist unit is on a new mission...

PSM 3 flies down the zip line to take an-depth look at the Rainbow Six crew's latest assignment...

1 Chopper into the danger zone
As your anti-terror squad fly past landmarks (such as the Bellagio hotel fountains and the Stratosphere tower), a terrorist missile slams into the Vegas sign - shaking the chopper violently in the explosion. It looks terrific.

2 Busting into the casino
Terrorists have taken control of a casino full of hostages. The Rainbow squad land on the roof, abseil down the side, and crash through the windows. They pause to take out a couple of startled foe and begin their assault.


3 Hunting down the terrorists
Picking their way through halls of roulette tables and slot machines, the squad make use of cover and tactics to take out groups of terrorists. The pace is slow, measured and tense.

4 A sticky situation
The Rainbow Six boys sweep through the casino until they stand outside a control room. A burst of gunfire confirms that trigger happy fanatics are still on the loose and they're in no mood to give up. This is no time to burst in all guns blazing. The squad leader peeks through the door (using an optical camera he's borrowed from his mate, Sam Fisher) and spots cowering hostages surrounded by jumpy, gun-toting terrorists. There's no time to lose. We're going in.

5 Hostage rescue
The team leader holds position and orders his men to the other entrance. They burst in on cue and overwhelm the surprised enemy.

The verdict

A hugely impressive-looking game, with a streamlined command system that could make it the most accessible squad shooter yet.

PlayStation 3
FPS, Sim / Strategy