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No More Heroes

New details (but no new shots, sadly) on the Killer 7 team's anime horror swordplay

The name's Touchdown. Travis Touchdown. And if anyone so much as sniggers, they'll be leaving here with slightly fewer limbs than they walked in with.

Travis is a professional assassin, ranked number 10 in the world - which is really annoying for him since he rates himself as the number one killer. And he's going to prove it by chopping his way through everyone else in the hit parade, with a laser sword.

Using the nunchuk to move and the remote to operate the sword, it's superficially similar to Killer 7, the brilliant, disturbing shooter from the same development team.

One major difference is that you can walk freely around the town of Santa Destroy, embarking on missions that lead you to the other nine killers on your 'to do' list.

Potential Connect24 support is mooted. Given the history of the developers, perhaps your Wii will start shrieking in the night.