Dragon Quest Swords

Mega RPG becomes hack & slash workout

Being one of the biggest things in the entire universe, nothing will sell Wii in Japan quite like a new, exclusive Dragon Quest game of its very own.

This isn't quite what we were hoping for, but it's really rather interesting nonetheless. Based on a plug-in TV game called Kenshin Dragon Quest, which had a motion-sensing sword for playing first-person battles, this is more of a combat simulator than an RPG. You have to wield the remote like a mighty halberd, chopping your way through the hordes of enemies who attack as you explore parts of the Dragon Quest world.


Fighting fit
Pressing A switches control to your shield for blocking incoming attacks, and the B Button turns your weapon into a staff of magic. Gesture-based magic commands and intelligent switching between the three fighting techniques will improve your stats and earn you new abilities.

After chaining enough successful hits, you build up a special meter that you can use to unleash an attack of boss-staggering proportions. Pressing the 1 Button initiates the move, but to get the most out of it you'll have to whirl the remote as fast as you can. The quicker the whirl, the more damage you inflict. It's out earlyish next year and sounds like plenty of fun.