The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Straight from the horse's mouth - find out how the most anticipated game of all time surpassed all our expectations

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It's easy to look at our score and imagine that Twilight Princess's story couldn't have ended any other way. But, in truth, this most important of Wii launch games could have gone very wrong. Wii controls were bolted on for no other reason than Nintendo could; the return to 'realistic' visuals risked upsetting Wind Waker lovers and failing to meet the expectations of the rest; and early playthroughs of the first dungeon had E3 2005 attendees more concerned than a Zelda game ever should.

So we were nervous when we set Link off to find Epona in our first minutes with Twilight Princess. By the time we came face to face with the final boss, nearly 40 hours later, we couldn't remember what we'd been worried about. Twilight Princess is a lesson to the world in how to make a videogame: it's the near-perfect Wii game you've been waiting for, on the very day the system launches. Buy it. Draw the curtains. Switch on. Press A and Z to start. And make this a winter that you'll never forget.

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The verdict

And relax. The Wii controls do work. And the game as a whole is, pretty much without argument, the best Zelda ever made. Wii's off to a stunning start.

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