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Rampage: Total Destruction

They did the mash. It was a grave rehash

For a console heralded for its cutting-edge approach to gameplay, it's a nasty shock to find such a dinosaur of a game nestling in the launch line-up. It's yet another cross-console port from Midway, only with the laziest remote integration of the bunch.

Simply Mashing
Try these moves on for size. Flick the remote down for a ground smash and flick to the side for an arm swinging grab. That's it. There's no remote lunging to tear at masonry or swatting airwards to bring down helicopters. All other attacks are mapped onto A and B, making this the Wii's first real button masher. No matter how many creatures they've added or the different modes included - either destroying city blocks/cities/the whole world as fast as possible - this is the same rubbish Rampage game. Bang away at structures, eating people and trying to avoid the army. Movement is clunky and climbing is impossible.


The inclusion of the original games reveal how little the series has moved on in 20 years. Monstrously bad.

The verdict

Repetitive button mashing in a mechanical 20-year-old game that's completely lacking innovation. Will the army ever nail these outdated and dull monsters?

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