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Wii interface is far from perfect

CVG identifies all that's wrong with Nintendo's new menu system on Wii

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We're not particularly huge fans of the overly fastidious create-a-character options usually found in EA's sports games - we always just hammer the Start button to skip all that rigmarole and get straight into the action. But when you consider the extensive use you will get out of your Mii over the next five years - playing as them in every Mii-compatible game, sending them in messages and whatever else Nintendo cooks up - it's in this case more than ever before when we'd actually be willing to spend a few hours tweaking individual bones in the Mii's nose, cheeks and jaw - as some EA games let you do - for the perfect Mii.

What's more, you can't edit Miis that you didn't create on your Wii. So when a friend sends you a Mii that you may think is not quite right, the prospect of making any adjustments is ruled out.

The restrictions, mishaps and shortcomings discussed in this feature all seem like things that can be fixed and enhanced with firmware updates.

The first update, which has been available since launch (and is automatically installed onto any Wii that's connected to the internet), has already added the ability to transfer saved game data via an SD card, so we're hopeful that future updates could transform a fantastic Wii interface into the perfect, feature-packed one we all hope for.

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