Madden NFL '07

Will your hearts gladden at this latest Madden - or is it a... badun? (sorry)

Well, you know, it's Madden. Whatever your disposition to US football, Madden remains good stuff. Just one glance at the presentation, the fl owing animation, or the mindbending number of plays available is enough to make you at least appreciate the sparkle and depth of the game, even if you hate the sport. But as ever, there are few changes. This time, there's a new running system that allows you to control the blockers and a revamped Superstar mode - this time you only control one player during a match, and so have to be very patient and play for the team in order to turn them into Hall of Famers. These additions are OK, if hardly revolutionary, while the main action is just the same as you remember it. Madden, as ever, is a great interpretation of its sport, albeit a sport you probably don't give a flying one about.

The verdict

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