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Game Factory confirms Wii dragon fighter

First details and shots of the first Wii game from The Game Factory

The Game Factory is bringing its new cel-shaded fighting game, Legend of the Dragon, to Wii in Spring 2007.

Based on the BBC children's TV show, the game kicks off in China where the new Golden Dragon, named Ang Leung, is chosen to fight an evil Zodiac Master called Woo Yin.

At the same time, Ang Leung's sister gets herself turned to the dark side, and fights against her brother as he tries to defeat Woo Yin and his accomplices. Sadly, there's no mention of Darth Maul.

Never mind all that though - it basically boils down to you choosing one of 19 characters, each able to transform into Zodiac creatures with super powers and battle it out in levels based on scenes from the TV show.

Details of how the game will be controlled on Wii are yet to be disclosed. Check out these three cel-shaded environment shots and look out for more early in the New Year (not long now).